IGTM: International Golf Travel Market 2014

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IGTM is the first golf tourism event worldwide. This year IGTM will be host 350 tour operators from different countries, which in fact represent 80% of the market for golf tourism worldwide. The event was held every year for 16 years - since 1998.

Each year, the IGTM chooses a different country to host the event; this year IGTM chose Italy, and the event will be held at Villa Erba on Lake Como. Italy has a strong potential as a golf tourism destination, just think what it can offer to the golfer: beaches, cities of art, cuisine.

There are more than 60 golf courses near Milan. 25 of these golf courses are situated in our territory (Como, Varese, etc.) and most of them were founded at the beginning of the last century. There is an established tradition of offering foreign players beautiful courses framed by wonderful landscapes.

Aerial views of Lake Como