The landscapes of Lake Como

The Lake Como area boasts a variety of environments, panoramic viewpoints and different kinds of settlements. In the same area one can find mountains, lakes, valleys, hills and small towns, regional parks and ski resorts.

Despite the fact that everything changes so rapidly, this area preserves the old traditions and maintains its rural roots.

Villas, gardens and colours

The sumptuous residences that spangle the waterfront hillsides and the Brianza area, bear eloquent witness to the lake's enduring appeal over the centuries, their lush gardens endowed with monuments of great beauty.

The lake's geographical location ensures a climate of its own, with a mild winters and an unusual vegetation for such a latitude: rare species of tropical plants grow alongside laurels, olives and beautiful flowers.

Brianza: between Lake Como and Milan

The area between lake Como and Milan is rich of cultural treasures and artistic landscapes. The Brianza lakes are the setting for elegant patrician houses built in the last centuries by noble families from Milan.

The varied landscape is constantly shaped by its inhabitants and comprises old churches, modern furniture industries, parks and much more.