Not only Golf

Lake Como shows various environmental features, beautiful landscapes and different types of settlements. The area has always been favored by travelers coming over the Alps to visit the Italian heartland and comprises tiny villages stacked up to the rocky slopes overlooking the lake, popular lakeside resorts, splendid villas surrounded by old parks.

Also to be mentioned the little moraine lakes in the Brianza area and the artistic treasures like the Romanesque churches or Rationalist buildings. Lake Como has a lot to offer.

The hospitality of Lake Como

Lake Como accommodations suits any budget, from 5-stars-hotels to holiday farms, always assuring high quality and professional standards.

In the towns of Como and Lecco and in the mid lake area one can find mostly elegant 4 and 3-stars hotels; the northern lake shores are full of camping areas and other accommodations. The area can count on approximately 350 hotels and some 500 campgrounds, holiday farmhouses, B&Bs.

Culture and history

While everyone is familiar with the inventions of the battery, few may be aware that Alessandro Volta (whence the electrical term ’Volt’), was native of Como. Science is not the only asset the area can boast: great figures of literature, art, history, and sport were born in this area.

Alessandro Manzoni set his literary masterpiece in the town of Lecco; Riccardo Cassin, a world-famous climber, used to train on the rugged peaks near Lecco; the Brianza territory offers evidence of the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci.

"Quel ramo del Lago di Como..."

The Province of Lecco lies to the east of Lake Como; this side of the lake offers varied sights: from splendid villas surrounded by century-old parks to majestic mountains like the Grigna.

This is a narrow but incredibly rich territory: enjoy nature, beautiful small villages, architecture, art and sport.